Believe in success and work like you have got it, seems the new mantra.
Yet you don’t see successes the way they should be visible.
Many a times I think it’s because the perception of success is not ours, we are gauging it by someone else’s standards. If we sat down and figured what we think is worth achieving and go about it in all sincerity we should achieve it.
Another thing that occurs to me many times are that people of my father’s generation believed if they worked sincerely and hard enough towards excellence they would achieve success, and success interestingly was a sense of satisfaction, achievement and third in the order came monetary and material things.
Somewhere down the line our self-confidence needs to be validated by our marksheet, the premier institute that we go, the car we buy or the locality that we have our house in.
Maybe I am old-fashioned, but it is that conviction in ourselves is what we are missing. That is something intrinsic no workshop can put it there.

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