Where is my Mama

a Journey to Bombay.

Southland Coastal Road

I must have been eight years old, it was our first long bus ride all of 24hours, from Udupi to Bombay. My mother, brother, our neighbor Mrs. Kiriti and her two daughters Jayanthi and Jayashree. it was six of us. Our mother of course had cooked and carried emergency eats as packed stuff was not available back then. I also remember a loaf of bread and a bottle of jam.

The bus left the station at Udupi around 8am, and it was so exciting looking out and feeling the breeze, after a while we felt queasy, so ours mothers popped in half an evomin each. I think it must have been late evening when we reached Belgaum.

Our bread and jam eaten for breakfast, and puri sabzi finished at lunch we had to have dinner at the restraunt. we had our dinner went to the rest room and got into the bus.

our mothers had not returned from the restroom, the driver had to re-park the bus so he reversed, Jayashree and I thought the bus was going to leave without our mothers and we began howling, the poor driver was confused as to what was happening.

Ours mothers could hear us at the rest room and they panicked too assuming that my brother had got into some mischief finally Jayanthi had to report to them that all was well, the driver had to assure us he would not forget our mothers.

It was one experience I have not got over all these 37 years.

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