dear diary

September 22nd.2011
Dear Diary,
Today is the day that world honours you. You are the conscience keeper of most of us. We document out happiness, sorrow, our growing ache and our secret fears. Many of us have recorded within you our observation of nature and our growth into our careers.
Dear Diary, incidentally today is also the elephant appreciation day. No, I do not ask to me appreciated despite of despite akined to the pachyderms. I am talking of the large gentle mammal found in Asia and Africa belonging to the family Elephantidea. This animal is a vegetarian and loves water. In Asian culture the wisdom, memory and intelligence. The srilankan elephants according the archaeological evidences showed 5 tusks and today they have mutated to single tusks. The Sanskrit text book Matanga Lila talks of the elephant, its myth, the biology, habit and health of the elephant. The book also deals with the medicinal implications of the elephant.
Did you know despite cute Ely the elephant and the elephant walk the Kedah hunting of the White Rajah’s lead to the depletion of elephant population.
I am sure someone in the year 1862 must have written within you the emancipation of the slaves. this was the day in history that the Proclamation of Emancipation was made. It was this day in 1862 that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the emancipation though it came to being on January 1st.1863 and slavery was totally abolished in December 1865 by the thirteenth amendment.
Dear diary today is also the day that the Band-aid was discovered. In 1920 by a Johnson and Johnson staff called Earle Dickson for his wife Josephine who cut and burnt herself often during cooking. Initially they were handmade and not popular. But by 1924 they were sterilized and packed well enough to be shipped during the 2nd world war. Today cotton embedded in nylon fibbers with thin film of plastic holed for ventilation is used. This coated with an adhesive called epoxy.
Good night
Thank for such wonderful memories.

2 Replies to “dear diary”

  1. Thanks for the visit Joe. You are right elephants do exists but they are depleted. About slavery I am a little confused whether it exists if the form that it did during the pre-emancipation America.

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