Johnny Appleseed

September 26th 1774 is the birth of American environmentalists.
If our generation in India grew up with Amarchitra Katha the western folklore, legends and mythology came alive with Classic comics.
One of my favourite was the story of Johnny Appleseed. So profound was his influence that I wore Appleseed necklaces for awhile.
Born John Chapman in Massachusetts he is pictured wearing a saucepan for a hat and ragged clothes. When a missionary was delivering a sermon he demanded “where would you find a true Christian today who wore ragged clothes and walked bare feet” Johnny Appleseed popped up and said here I am.
Johnny Appleseed introduced apple orchards in the states of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois’. He would fence the apple trees he planted to protect it from livestock.
Occasionally Johnny preached the Christian teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg.
He passed away on March 18th 1845 and is buried at Fort Wayne.
The web site named after him is a junior ecology club.

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