Travel Lessons Learned the Hard Way

RR Train, Great Britain (LOC)

Everyone talks of spur of the moment and spontaneity, adventure. That’s all crap and nonsense nothing is relaxing as a well planned trip.

I learnt it the hard way.

Travelling with my father meant every booking, every ticket in place. Plan B in case Plan A had a problem. The biggest disaster would have been an upset tummy or a delay in train.

But after marriage travelling has been disaster. This particular trip was one of the worst, with a one and a half year old baby, a five year old daughter and shoe string budget! We got off at the wrong station then it meant trekking through the by lanes of Delhi! Particular the slimy side of Paharganj.

By the time we reached home I was exhausted emotionally. The trip back from Delhi to our home state was worse, at the 11th hour we advanced our ticket, my aunt who is very particular wanted to pack a hamper for us, but we said no. the train left Delhi at 8.45 am, and till 7pm the train didn’t stop, the journey was during summer through the deserts of Rajasthan, the train had no pantry cars, no water vendors by the time we reached the first stop we were down with dehydration and hunger.

Some traits are incorrigible. After this there was another impulsive trip to Tirupathi the temple town. Where to get into the temple we had to book our tickets almost six months in advance the alternate was almost a day and a half in the queue. Well we goofed as our return tickets were booked we returned from the town without getting into the temple. Oh! Yes we had carried minimum cash planning to withdraw from an ATM guess what! There was a power shut down, and transport strike.

Since that day I am sceptic about travel until we have our tickets delivered and bookings confirmed.

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