Mah jawbox ay dishes–rescuer — Big Bosch!!

I am hurt, angry and want to forget that I am 50+ and stamp my feet like the youngest inner child trapped in me,

BlogAdda you have hurt me so terrible, that I shall go and eat some worms, big ones small ones wriggly wiggly one.

Don’t stare at me, okay I get it you are clueless about what inspired my ranting okay.

Remember the time when you are young and you have the next 20yrs years to build your dream life, I was there once. And my dream house had a wonderful kitchen right out of inside outside magazine with a Nikki-Tasha cooking range and unnamed brand of dishwasher and unnamed brand of washing machine.

When I set up my own house, I realized that there few tasks that can be akinned   to the torture of Sisyphus and housework was one of them an never ending cycle of the clean becoming soiled, the soiled having to be cleaned over and over , day after day.  I hate it…

“I do the dishes in my house, because nobody does them the way I do it,” this is a quote from either Bill Clinton or Bill Gates I am not sure, but I hate it…

Standing with sleeves rolled up and arms in the sink, is not how I like to end my day. My thoughts go round and round and it occurs to me, if I ever wrote a book, which I attempt every November it would of the stream of consciousness type and deal with an hour in the life of a woman, at the sink. I feel resentful at Mr. Tee and Jay as they plonk right in front of the TV while I am cleaning up the mess, of course nobody compels me to do it, but a sunk sink at 4am is not a welcome sight. More importantly I would be sitting on nails with dishes not done, or laundry not aired.

You know one of the wisest advice I received about kitchen chores came from my mother, “Do the dishes when you’re cooking” I visualize myself stacking the dishwasher as I cook.

I dream of buying that dishwasher. I have walked up to the IFB kitchen got the pictures and quotes, the only thing I get to hear…

“Oh! It is fine for us in US, even in US we don’t use it for all our dishes” one bay area house wife advices.

“Oh! It cannot be used for Indian cooking, our cooking is greasy” next NRI gyan.

“It does not really reduce work, you have to rinse the stuff and put it in,”  — it cannot more frustrating than washing dishes already washed by the maid, because, “she travels by bus and you do not know if she who she was sitting next to”

If this Bosch demo was open to people outside Mumbai=Bangalore- or Delhi, believe me I would apply, if I know the dates at Mumbai/Bangalore I would still manage after all with my family being Bangalore based and my in-laws from Mumbai not a bad deal.

I visualize myself, recording the demo, and then asking those questions I have the check list

  • Can I wash the wok in it?
  • Can I wash the milk vessel in it?
  • Can delay the onset, — that really does not matter, for I can run the dishwasher and set the clothes washer to start when it is done.
  • What happens if the power goes off in between
  • How much of water will it consume – can have the used water collecting at a place to recycle it?
  • How much of power will it take?
  • How much of floor area will it consume?

But (my nostrils flared, fists clenched, rib tightened) BlogAdda, you deprive me of a chance to present my case to my family.dishwasher 2

Think about this, everyone, wants to save the earth, but nobody wants to help mom do the dishes, and no matter how much I hate it, most discussions of feminism refuse address the question who does the dishes, yet at the end of the day those damn dishes are there in the sink and they have to be done!!

The only redeeming factor of the lack of a dishwasher is you get the ideal time with appropriate emotional backing to plan the perfect murder mystery  … how else would explain the juicy murders penned by Agatha Christie?



Lufthansa A380 a traveler’s concerns.

The flight fright,

The first I heard of Frankfurt was in 1971, when I was all of six years old, my parents were flying back from England I did not really pay much attention to this.

Then in mid seventies my uncle shifted to states, he and his family would travel, the flights were from nebulous destination in America through Frankfurt to India.

To my teenage imagination Frankfurt now became the gate between east and west, and not Constantinople. Of course learning German was a popular option for everyone who dreamed a career as an airhostess, some did learn French instead.

When I became trainer in Frankfinn Airhostess academy I realized that the airlines people were not looking for Indians to speak to Germans but they wanted people speaking Indian languages to the vast majority of Indian travelling west.

With Heathrow being unfriendly Frankfurt has become a vibrant option with Singapore and Middle East the running.

Lufthansa the German flag carrier seem to bank on this. Logically the it should be cost effective. Of course the air travel turbulence is less in a larger plane as compared to a smaller plane. With all the embassies and major international ventures working out of the capital city, launching the first A30 the largest carrier between Delhi and Frankfurt might make sense.

The facilities offered are the range of products are extremely traveller friendly,  that provides comfortable trip to the airport from more than 5600 Deutsche Bahn train stations. This is of coursed valid for a day before your onwards journey and a day after your arrival  the choice of train is the travellers, and if one can also use the Eurocity trains at no extra charge.

Good for Lufthansa, as A380 from the aircraft, airport and bay planning would mean more efficiency, when it comes to the passenger I am told the turbulence felt in a larger plane is much less than the one felt in a small plane. Luftasna, talks about in-flight incentives, like everyone, I do check the reviews of various travellers, here is what the feedback from their various passengers says.

This is from a traveller as late as Nov.25th 2014 Flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt on AB A380, aircraft clean, food OK, staff OK. Seat lousy – no legroom, and uncomfortable. Armrest on aisle seat would not lower, making it hard to leave the seat. Staff didn’t know how to fix the problem. In-flight entertainment system next to useless because of unresponsive touch screen, and one audio channel not working. Aircraft temperature cold to the point of requiring a jacket to be worn at all times. On connecting flight to Berlin Luft. Gate staff did not announce gate change in English so confusion resulted among waiting passengers who didn’t speak German or missed the change on the electronic screen. Flight from Munich to San Francisco on AB A340 departed late because of baggage handling problem. Aircraft clean, but temperature again cold, and seat comfort worse than A380. In flight entertainment centre barely working because of slow, finicky touch screen, and static in audio. Food OK, not good just OK. Before taking Luft. Again I will be sure to shop around for a better choice even if it means paying more1.

Here is the input from  Barua Anondo posted on Nov.20th …..I flew Mumbai to Boston in mid October 2014. What a massive disappointment – legroom worse than Spicejet, I am over 6 Ft tall, I travelled all the way with my knees resting on the back of the seat in front. Staff not particularly friendly. They don’t serve water at the seat – when I asked for water I was told to go and serve myself in the galley. In Frankfurt my flight to Boston was displaying on the screens, but no gate indicated for a long time. I approached a member of staff to ask and was told “I am not the Information counter”. What kind of customer service does Lufthansa think it is providing? The return flight to India was not much different. I have vowed to never to fly this airline.—20th Nov. Barua anando Indian 2

Can Lufthansa iron these concerns?

  1. Online customer feedback. From web search.
  2. Online customer feedback from web search.

Twitter handle #LufthansaA380.

Travel Etiquette,

xammi-goa expressThe Goa express is late as usual.

The schedule arrival time being 4.20pm flashes on the Pune Junction display board, its 4.20 the platform is not yet announced. Neither has the Indian railways been kind enough to tell us that the train is delayed.

Anyway at 5.20 the train chugs in, and we get in. in all my years of travel here was a group that I really found interesting. That’s another blog anyway.

There were a senior couple in their late 70’s another senior citizen in of the same age the rest of us in our mid or late forties. As we enter the carriage we find a steel trunk that is just along as the berth blocking the pathway.

We did try to enquire who it belonged to. No passenger seem to own this baggage. The staff of the railways were extremely rude, when we asked their help to move, the box was too cumbersome for us manipulate it. eventually out sheer disgust we pulled right to the pathway so that it obstructed the path of people who wanted to move about. This particularly effected the railway vendors.

the box was now moved, when a youngish man came charging at us, shouting abusively because the trunk belonged to him!! Anyway having moved the box we saw volumes of garbage underneath the berth where the baggage was to go, so much for “swatcha bharat abhiyan.”

Probably some things we could follow to make everyone’s journey a little more comfortable.

  1. Do not hog the berth space.
  2. Do not hog the luggage space.
  3. Do not smoke in the public space.
  4. Do not carrying smelly food.
  5. Do have loud conversations have music blaring.
  6. Do not intrude on the other passenger’s space with inquisitive questions.
  7. Do not litter the carriage. If the dustbin is full collect the garbage in a carrier that can be disposed into the garbage bins at various stations.
  8. Do not use the toilet when the train is stationary.