fragrance of friendship

Friends are people who stick by you thick or thin, sick or sin.

In the era of social networking befriending has given way to friending and unfriending, the friend that I regret not keeping in touch, sounds strange, in any case she is not recognizable on facebook.

She befriended me when I was the new block on the kid at Manipal. I still remember her in dark blue tights and a white sleeveless top with small dark and light blue flowers. We walked to school together, we walked back together, we then got out our milk and snacks we gossiped,I don’t know, our different professions did not make a difference nor did the fact that she was prettier and more popular with the opposite sex make any difference. But in 1988 she got married that was the when the link just broke it did not fade or drift it just broke.

I wondered what made her so special,

• She was there, all the time our duo did not really let anyone else between us.

• She was honest, but she told me what I did not want to hear in a way that I would pay attention to her.

• She understood

• She cared

• She was unconditional

• She knew what to say, what to be, and where to nudge me even when I was confused.

• She was happy for me and it was not my parents or my family that celebrated and glowed in my success it was my friend.

• She sustained me through my failures.

• She understood and accepted my moods and let me be.

There was one another friend just like this friend of mine. But then I could cross the chasm though twenty years later.

I realize what went wrong was she ceased to be around. Today I appreciate the friends who are with me. Sometimes I think maybe it was not to be for if we met today, beyond our nostalgia we might have nothing to share.

Thank you Archana Desai,Manoj vijayan, Nupur Joshi, Jyothi Rao and Lakshman Rammohan,Ahalya-akka,Ramu and Ravi

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