Dumbfound for an anwer

surprise synonymous with flabbergast, dumbfound, amaze, astonish, unaware, unanticipated.


Do I like surprises? Nice question with so many Synonyms—astonish, amaze, dumbfound, flabbergast, astound

When I am caught in a situation unawares, it could be pleasant or unpleasant, to take or catch unawares surprisingly it is that one that flabbergasts us that in reality reveals a pleasant surprise our own talent, skill, or resource to face an adversity, it lets us grow and bloom.

When attacked without warning is too dumbfound to react, it can hurt physically and mentally. Again it is an amazing time for retrospection.

An unanticipated gift or visit makes me wonder, I am humbled by the attention and astonished at the effort people take for others.

An unintentional word, or an expected revelation at times it hurts, at times it astounds, it could leave us flabbergast with shock, or dumbfound with embarrassment.

A surprise party, or gift is always amazing and enjoyable.

Over all a surprise is welcome sometimes exciting many a time trifle painful.

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