Madam curie

Nov.7th 1867 saw the birth of one of the greatest woman of substance Madam Curie. She studied Physics and Mathematics and went on to earn a doctorate in science. She was the first woman to become the professor of General Physics in the faculty of Science.
Radioactive was a term coined by her to describe the quality of elements more precisely atoms.
Pierre Curie, madam’s husband discovered that Radium burnt skin on contact. The couple then discovered the effect Radium had on humans. Madam Curie isolated isotopes of Radium subsequently used for the treatment of cancer.
1903 the Curies received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their study of Radium.
1911 Madam Curie won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her study of radioactivity.
July 4th 1937 Madam Curie succumbed to Leukaemia a price she paid for being over-exposed to radioactivity. She has the honour of being the only woman to be interred at the Dome of Pantheon at Paris on her own merit, along with the likes of Victor Hugo.

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