A ghost from the past

An encounter of the unexpected kind.

School girl

22nd November 2011,

A friend of mine invited me to be the examiner for her students who were appearing the dance exams.

The kids were done and over with, when the women came in.

The face looked familiar, her name Bhagawati Bhat it rang a bell somewhere. Suddenly out of the blue I asked her are you Jyothi’s sister, Jyothi was her older sister a year ahead of me at school. She glared and said no.

“Are you from Manipal” though embarrassed a little voice nudged me.

“No, Yes,” she looked really bugged and before she could say anything more ”Surekha and Shantu’s classmate,Prabha’s sister ”

Very hesitantly she said “Yes”

Suddenly I felt old, here was someone who was in my school campus for nearly 7 years, and she could not recognize me! Of course I am burnt, I am fat but unrecognizable I think that hurt. She looked at me for few mnts and shouted

”Ghosh Shammi, I didn’t recognize you, what are you doing here?”

Then of course it was all catching up.

But she has inspired me to exercise and take threads of my life over.

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