A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend. ~Author Unknown

What is my winter reading list asks Plinky.

From mid November to mid February it is four months and that translates to eight books. Four fiction and four non fiction.

theTaj trilogy from Indu sunderesan, where she explores the intricacies of the Muslim world during the period of Noorjahan, born Mehurunsia and married to the Moghal Emperor Jahangir, and Mumtaz begum the shadow princess to whose memory the Taj Mahal has been built though the book is more about her daughter who ruled as a shadow of her incompetent father Shahjahan.. The fourth book is the throne of fire based on Egyptian mythology penned by the author of the Percy Jackson series.,

In the non fiction category I am currently reading Swati chopra’s woman awakened which maps the journey of women spiritual leaders.

Sufism by William Chittick a book on Sufism for beginners.

Deity and spirit possession in south Asia

History and doctrines of ajivikas a vanished Indian religion by Fredrick.M.Smith.

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