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a man without shadow’s does not exist.

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Serpents shadow

Author:              Rick Riordon

Publisher           Puffin Books.

ISBN                 978-0-141-33569-8

The third of the triology of Kane chronicles, that taps the Egyptian Mythology.

Here the correlation between the sheut  the shadow of a person. Very interest concept that the author plays with a person with no shadow does not exist. This is both in terms of body and deed.

Carter Kane emerges from his father’s shadow, while Walt merges with the god of shadow of death. 

The Yin- yan the balance between Chaos and Ma’at the play of idea is excellent.

I would also recommend this book to people who are on the quest of the soul for it gives an insight to understanding the path of the Gods traced by mythology.

This triology is like the Alice in wonderland, the tale has something to tell every generation.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rick Riordon is an award-winning mystery writer…

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