Isn’t it strange that people tend to be restricted by the boundary that they create for themselves.
Like the woman who decided to wear only whites, she could only look at the colors with yearning. The sad part was it was her own creation so destroying it was like destroying a child. An added burden was whenever she visited someone, her clothes required a separate wash. Of course all that attention given to her clothes for wash by the daughters-in-law after they could not go into a general cycle did make her feel unique but she also sensed a underlying resentment.
The restriction in food, someone does not take staples like flour or rice. Someone is vegan, Someone else is off onion and garlic and the fourth does not eat anything that grows underground.
They apologize to the host for any trouble caused, but why not a simpler option of doing away with the restriction unless you are in your home territory?
If these restrictions are health induced one does understand and follow but when it is ego driven, a venture to prove one’s greater spiritual moral, does it really bespeak spiritual evolution?
Maybe it fed their need to maintain their unique identity they were different has they had said no to colors of life, as they have said no flavors of life. Accepting things as they come does seem only an oral practice.
I wonder what the wandering mendicants did, after all they had to accept whatever the donor gave!

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