Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else's.

Joe Bob Briggs


At what age should kids get cellphone?

Preferably never. But my older kid got hers when she went to the 11th standard, I do not know how it translates to grades. The younger one is campaigning for her own one.

it’s not that I have anything against cell phones, but they seem to ring anywhere and everywhere. I wonder how many marriages broke up courtesy the cellphone.

it has become Omnipotent in its presence. Kids will say, "God is chinese and manifest as cellphones!"

No more can one go to a restaurant for a peaceful meal, there is an uncouth woman blaring instructions to her staff/kids/husband. A man closing a deal. Teenagers flirting, twenty something gossiping its such a cacophony.

actually cell phone is not the issue the etiquette, I would say is more important.

here are the rules for my kids to own a cellphone

No cellphone in the class.

No cellphone at home 8pm-8 am

maintain a 10 feet- zone from everyone while talking.

I choose your ring tone.

no multitasking like homework, Facebook, and mobile at the same time.

dinner is no phone time and zone.

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