chinese checkers.

board games require the tactic of soldiers,exactness of a mathematician, imagination of an artist, inspiration of a poet, calm of a philosopher and greatest intelligence

Chinese Checkers

A board game I will never get tired off.

Chinese checkers !!Though for a while I was hooked on to the word-pathways on face book. Chinese checkers still excite me.

All the bored room variety, the board room variety and the game board variety have been around since pre literature days for example Sennett of the Egyptians or the chaturanga of the Hindu’s,

Chinese checkers is a game played with 2 6 players. It is the simplified version of Halma or jump created by the Germans and was initially called Stern-Halma. Unlike the Halma this is played on a six-pointed star. Each player has 10 pieces each and the aim is to traverse the board to the opposite base.

1892 Otto Robert Maier patented the game under the name Stern-Halma (star-jump) through the company Ravensburger.

1909 it was introduced to England by Spears and sons.

1928 J.Pressman and Co released the game in United States calling it Hop Ching Checkers. This was eventually shortened to Chinese checkers.

I enjoy the game, probably because it brings back memories of childhood. Somehow I never ventured into the online version of the game.

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