Mad Hatter

Katherine Whitethorn claimed that hats were divided into 3 classes’ offensive, defensive, shrapnel.  Yet when Plinky posted this query I wore my thinking hat! Let me see, what kind of a hat would I  be? Different hats for the different personalities that I host, and tasks they do of course…

The all American baseball cap, shouting consumer power and the power of now? That would make me a person who enjoys sports either to partake or as a spectator. Well sometimes yes.

 But the mystery creating swank hat, which elicits a curiosity as who is the face beneath the brim. It creates a unique aura and brings the attention I like, didn’t you get it? The Fedora hat of course.

There was a time before these hats became interesting the beanie hat! Worn by jug head Jones from Archie’s comics, the jagged topped fedora hat used to be a favourite.

Each of my personalities chooses the hats that suit them, but hey each time there is one hat that is on I am the TOP HAT no matter what.

That is why I tend to opt for the Mysore Peta, a silk turban that is draped over the head. It has bordered with brocade gold and bespeaks of power and intellect. The traditional head-gear of the Mysore elite.



after all to quote like Peter Ustinov observed at the age four with paper hats and wooden swords we are all generals.Only some of us don’t grow out of it.


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