Mad Hatter

A top hat option, on the kind of hat I would like to wear,

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Katherine Whitethorn claimed that hats were divided into 3 classes’ offensive, defensive, shrapnel. Yet when Plinky posted this query I wore my thinking hat! Let me see, what kind of a hat would I be? Different hats for the different personalities that I host, and tasks they do of course…

The all American baseball cap, shouting consumer power and the power of now? That would make me a person who enjoys sports either to partake or as a spectator. Well sometimes yes.

But the mystery creating swank hat, which elicits a curiosity as who is the face beneath the brim. It creates a unique aura and brings the attention I like, didn’t you get it? The Fedora hat of course.

There was a time before these hats became interesting the beanie hat! Worn by jug head Jones from Archie’s comics, the jagged topped fedora hat used to be…

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