Handling Anger

ImageTemper’s the one thing you can’t get rid of, by losing it

Jijabhai measure two measured two measures of flour, added a measure of water, one third measure of oil, a pinch of salt,

“Eh Rukma, knead the dough”

Rukma, never really seem to get annoyed with Jijabais acid tongue or hurting ways, 

“All said and done, I have taught Rukma to make good roti’s but she does not know the measure properly.” Rukma smiled, knowingly. It was not about her not knowing how to measure, it was that Jijabai did not want relinquish the storeroom keys!

Sometimes I wonder how Rukma could be so non reactionary, it was only when I observed her knead the dough did I realise, she was mutter incessantly, and venting out all her frustration. It was almost as if she was invoking a face for judgement and delivering a verdict. The violence with which she tackled the dough was amazing.

Here was the key to dealing with  anger. She actually imagined seeking revenge for the hurt that Jijabai caused, once she pounded the dough she released the negative and came back to balance. Probably it also helped that once the pounding was over Rukma felt that the equation was balanced. She didn’t think of it again.

Zubeida the hospital washerwoman, had mentioned the other day, that despite the fact that her mother-in-law hit her, she could not hit back as she was not brought that way, she would bash the clothes that she washed in hospital imagining that it is her mother-in-law she would pound until she felt tired and that she said was catharsis,

Simple techniques yet so effective. Neither looked into the great karmic cycle, or philosophy, they had a very creative and proactive way to handle their hurt and anger.

With all our scholastic training we have let these indigenous skills go. 

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