We the people..

a. Raja gets release on bail. After supposedly meticulous ferreting by CBI for three long years, Kannimolzh, A. Raja and some others were found guilty and taken to custody. Making history, the man gets released almost unconditionally, free to intimidate witness or liquidate them, if that has not already been done by UPA. His release is welcomed by revelry outside the court. The man apologies to Karunanidhi and Sonia, and promises not to get into trouble, it almost sounded like he apologized for getting caught. The CBI has grafted a new charge on Unitech transferring funds to Man of Isles for money laundry and the fund is to the tune of 250 crores. The netizens are bemoaning corrupt India. Someone moaned that we were giving wrong values to our kids, forget giving values we have wrong values ourselves else Sonia Gandhi would not be a puppeteer nor would a pup called Raul Vinci aka as Rahul Gandhi been foisted on us. We brought our disaster the day we got enamoured by the crap of Cambridge education, we have inherited this from our ancestors, in my case my grandparent’s generation where the white man and all that goes with him is superior, (sorry this is a diversion.) Coming back to Raja –  Kanimolzh not surprising, look at Laloo after consuming of much of fodder, the man becomes guest faculty at IIM with the “intellectual/progressive/whatever shit” Ivory towered Mark sheet tigers are groomed! Obviously the consumed fodder has completed the digestive cycle. If we want this to end, we need to change our values, for values to change they need to be there, for them to be part of us, we need to set our learning right, it boils down to the fact that we need to set our life and lifestyles right. A bigger house, three flat investment, a newer mobile may not assure us a berth in heaven, but we definitely believe so. Else we would not be running the race for those mega bucks, or ask “at the end of the day how many dollars does you venture translate to.”

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