Round the world

Round the world.

At the toastmaster we are very fond of the story of bill burrows of massachusets’s, well , the story goes that he put a note into a bottle and threw into the high sea. The note was a request that the finder should send him a message.

Forty-five years later he heard from a town that was only few hundred yards away. In the meanwhile he had imagined the bottle traversing the high seas, and against the currents and being tossed to exotic lands,

Now this is often co-related to the midlife assessment and the futile effort we expand in following and trying to fulfil great expectations. It is considered a moment of reckoning, beg your pardon it is a moment of beckoning too.

Addressing the moment of reckoning it goes

  • A dream – launch of the dream
  • Realization that the bottle didn’t go far
  • After the all that time,

Yup, we do assume that the current does rise to act two and maybe , when we find that the bottle landed only couple of 100 yards awaywe fall in our own expectations, there is frustration, fluttering, and we label it a lovely midlife crisis.

What i think we miss out, is that the phrase as the crow flies would not really be applicable here, for the bottle would not really follow the flight of the birds, southwards, perching on signposts handed down by genetic memory . the bottle would have tossed with the waves, floated with the current, risen with the tide, maybe even a jaunt inside a whale but it never got smashed by the rock,  or busted by the tip of the iceberg, it might have made its journey now think of the journey of the bottle, the bottle being our career now what do how would we map the landmarks?

  • How many storms have I withered?
  • How many times have I re-charted the  course when we went off the course’
  • How many lessons did I learn from my mistakes,
  • How many times have I called port in distress.
  • How many times have I shared the laurel?
  • How many times have I gracefully given up?

One major factor that holds most of us back is our anger. We react to criticism, or refusal by counter criticism or allowing in pity but very rarely do we take it on face value.

Here’s a lesson I refused to learn from my mother but I did learn else where,

Usually when someone criticises our filter gets turned on, “Oh! He’s like that he always finds fault.” Our stories begin to play, and our rackets feed the justification. Lets try to analyse on face value.

Criticism à is it relevant? That is am I guilty of that behavior. If relevant and valid, thank the person who criticised and evaluate ways to minimize the damage, and prevent it. FORGIVE YOURSELF

If not applicable, forget it.

Our journey need’s to be measured through the parameters of courage,compassion and humility. Our highs are our joys and our lows are now that we withered the storm, just look at the map, we have come a full circle, its our journey and it has definitely been around, and not only 100 yards away.

Oh! If you have not gone round the world just take a second look, you might have walked the ocean bed.

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