God must be an accountant.

ImageI believe in god,

But I don’t think god will be involved in petty things of our life particularly not money!!

Our relationship with money is so weird. We look at disdain at wealth. We normally translate moneyed to powerful, crooked, and illegal, even say that our goddess of wealth rides on an owl and enters the house at night.

Writers, artists being rich, we cannot imagine it, if they are rich–well they have either inherited it, or got it through compromises.

Our financial insecurities work as our block to explore ourselves many times.

Another belief that has seeped into us, is work cannot be fun. We can either work or play a balance or a blend is mission impossible.

As for our Gods, they are stern school heads, with a ruler waiting to pounce on us when we skip the boundary or break the rule!! God does sound so toxic there is no vision of a joyous relationship with God! If there is one then it is associated with poverty, and difficulties after both of them are considered virtues.

We have our own feel gooder translations.

I don’t enjoy my job = my moral fibre is strong.

Yes of course our spoken word would superficially tell another story while our beliefs run the current in the opposite direction. There is a quote in Kannada that says

“You serve art, the art will serve you.” I would put it as “You take care of God’s business and God will take care of yours.”

This works time and again, we ask for divine help and we receive it, but in our psyche this works like pressing a panic button. The fight or flight option.

If I want that Europe trip is not happening its God’s fault, he does not want it to happen. But we over look our lack of faith so our inautheticity in planning for it. The universe will support you.

Creativity is never sensible.

Creativity is never reasonable.

If you want to make art make art!!

God likes art,

That’s the part

My parents would ignore

God likes art

And I make art

That’s what God likes me for!!

Between you and me, God is not a cheapskate, we are…. the more we expect the more generous the universe is.

Keep the belief Money is hard to get aside for a while, let’s do what we like then doors open for us, it’s like a play unfolding.

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