Appraisal Forms

A friend of mine who was in the corporate HR section said, a common problem with appraisal forms was that the employees felt that doing a thing well was the criteria. But from the point of view of the structure

  • Completing the 10 schedule tasks – would mean okay he does his job. Meets expectations.
  • Completing 10 jobs and helping others do theirs  – would mean exceeds expectations.
  • 10+ 4 more would be excellent.

The criteria here is how much are you will go further. Getting through the check list is also important.

As artists perfectionism ruins our creativity. The idea is put it down first. Move on and let go. Once the picture is complete or the writing is done with then go work on the repairable. The desperate need to clean up begins when we are half way.

Just remember cerebration is the enemy of originality and achievement.

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