New brag-rat on the block

ImageOnce upon a time, in mythology, there were beautiful damsels, enchantress who diverted the heroes from their chosen path.

The Indian mythology called them Apsara’s they were delegated by the Lord of the immortals, to deal with spiritual quest of people or if anything threatened the throne of Indra the Lord of the immortals.

Instead of calling Rambha or Menaka we call Barkha and Arnab. Their task is to divert uncomfortable enquiry that threatens the throne of the Gandhi family, or the power of the congress.

Their modus operandi is simple,

  • Establish a background of credibility; create a debate over non threatening issues of the power epicentre, a fringe issue like Vadra’s shady real-estate investment.
  • Identify the viable threats,
  • Neutralize them by framing them and defaming them.

It was Kejriwala, Gadhkari, and wonder who is on the block next. Every hero has a weakness, and every villain a strong suit so the game is not really difficult.

He had to abort is foray into Advani’s progeny as the last time someone pointed fingers at Ajit Advani(?) the gentleman came down, spoke to doordarshan, with all his papers in papers in place.

Interesting over the week, Arunab summed up couple of things unwittingly, that is people adjust with the systemand learn how to utilize it for their benefits, that is what ails the country.

Another point is we condone corruption of manipulation of smaller denomination. There was one speaker (don’t know his name) who had the audacity to say it’s so cheap, middle class like, I wonder where he thought his slab was? Maybe the Troll-class I don’t know. Coming back to the issue, it’s not only that we condone minor offense we don’t recognize or diagnose it.


Congrats Arnab on your new status as the national symbol of irritation.

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