Jayadeva and my grandmother.

ImageSriVee was busy with his discourse.

The ethos of bhakti, how the devotee saw his Lord everywhere. That the Lord resided in everyone, so all creatures were equal.

Akshara was listening to the stock stories of shabari, shankaracharya all twisted to fit into the listening that SriVee was creating. Then came the story of the poet Jayadeva, it happened one day, that the great romantic that he was Jayadeva was writing a erotica between Radha and Krishna, and guess there was this episode where Krishna massages Radha’s feet. Jayadeva feels guilty of making his Lord do something he considered not up to his stature. It was noon time, Jayadeva’s called out to him for lunch.

Jayadeva tells her ”I shall back after washing my words and bathing the demeaning notion.”

Jayadeva’s wife goes to serve the food, Jayadeva returns has his lunch as usual his wife eats the food left in his plate and continues her meal, while she was eating, Jayadeva returns”how is that you are eating before me?” he asks her

“But you just had your lunch my Lord.

“”No, Padmavati I am just back from my bath”

Padmavati was very firm and told him that he had rushed through lunch as he had something to write. Jayadeva went to see the writing, he found the very lines that he had deleted, rewritten.

Jayadeva falls at his wife’s feet for eating what was left over by the Lord while he could not do it.

To Akshar this story was applicable in many situation.

One could say that a story has its say, the writer is just a medium, one could say that Jayadeva’s wife nurtured greater spirituality. But struck to Akshar, was this entire concept of eating left over.

The wife was to eat the husband’s left over, nothing more degrading than that, his grandmother would eat leftovers of her guru right off his plate, yet she hit the roof when akshar’s mother served with the right hand,Image

“your hand is dirty, you are eating with it.”

“excuse me, I am eating with a spoon and my hand is dry.”

If grandma was really such a great devotee of SriVee  she should see SriVee everywhere and in everyone then what’s the big stink about? Else just no leftovers, no used hand, what ever.

Well like Agatha Christie says the harshest of them all are the medivial saints, not only did they make life miserable for themselves they also made life miserable for all.

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