Ghatte- Paneer Jalfrayzee


Cooking oil    1 tbsp.

Paneer cut to long pieces   150 g

Carrots   50g

French beans   50g

Capsicums   2

Onion chopped 100gm.

Soya chunk/gate/mangodi/wadi   10gms.

Red chilli 3 no.

Chilli powder   ½ tbsp.

Cumin seeds ¼ tbsp.

Ginger-garlic paste 1tbsp.

Vinegar1 2tbsp.

Tomato sauce 4tbsp.

Saffola salt  to taste.



Soak make the ghatte2, or fry the wadi/mangodi/soak soya.  Keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds when they sputter add red chillies, onions, sauté for a while

When the onions turn golden brown in colour add chilli powder, vinegar, ginger garlic paste and sauté for 2 more minutes

Add cottage cheese pieces, soya chunks, chopped carrots, capsicum to the above onion mixture along with little water and cook for few minutes.

When the pieces are tender add tomato sauce salt and stir well. Remove from heat and serve hot with chapatti or any pulao.

  1. Dry mango or pomogranite seeds can be used instead of vinegar.
  2. Ghatte can be made by mixing chickpea flour with salt,turmeric,chilli powder and curd to make a stiff dough. This is steamed and deep fried. These can be stored for a fortnight.

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