walk down the street.

ImageI have just been going through the golden jubilee souvenir of Manipal mahila samaj.

So many memories are refreshed, the people who were part of our life, and enriched it with their presence. I now acknowledge the relevance of a souvenir.

The era before the television tigers, the community of campus children had not yet turned into a group of four and twenty blackbirds baked in a tuition class.

Girija, the closet storyteller, somehow she seemed so grown up and a star in the sky while we grew up being like her was the utopic finishing line. It was Gowri with her thousand megawatt smile and friendly word right from us baccha brigade to the stern authoritarian aunties like kannamma   who was the benchmark, we all wanted to be like Gowri.  Shubha Gaeta and Shalini Shantaram (they were quiet so it was always Gowri the superstar) were the first level to achieve before we reached Gowri level. Today when I look at the three sisters I realize forget benchmarks we didn’t even make it to the start line.

The quote from Roma Aunty so like her, to make us present to the finer things of life.

It is so lovely to go through the photographs, and walk down the memory lane. Though my memory was looking for a small input from Shalini Shantaram, and Karunavathi.

The lovely community and the great days that has made each one of us very distinct in our existence.

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