Ah pleid guilty.

ImageWe The People

  • Rapes galore
  • Violence
  • Road pops.

It I was to deal with this like an epidemic I would look at the etiology, actually the bad news is it is genetic. Dr.Anasari from the pediatric forensic cell of Californian jail will say so with all the research document, but one does not really need so much of research just a little bit of proper history lesson will make us present to this fact.

We called them hero’s we called them valiant, we sang their song and told their stories they fought for our freedom, they fought our oppressors, but over the sixty years our enemies have changed. They are no more conquering aggressors but the underling aggressor is still around.

Robbery, Violence, Rape have all been part of wars and revolutions these are brushed aside as military co-laterals.

We created killer competition; we killed values like creativity, character, hard work, and community responsibility

The poor but pious was once the ideal, today, oh! Don’t you own a washing machine? Well your berth in heaven is cancelled.

What I am saying is that the valiant hero has turned his violent streak on home grounds creating the rapist, arsonist, and the terrorist.

Despite of our alleged free thinking and individualistic society we are hedonistic and a collective crowd with a dominant herd mentality today. So if Mr.X does not fit into the collective crowd he is marginalized.

I know of this woman “my girl, going to parties..? Even if I said okay her brother will not allow. As a father my husband does not say anything he is irresponsible, but my son he will kill me and her.” What has this mother subtly taught her kids?

  • It’s okay for boys to party
  • It’s okay for the boys to make rules for the girls
  • Good girls don’t party
  • A father who permits his daughter to go to parties is irresponsible.

So who has driven the dual value system? If this child has delinquent strains and the other environmental supports like being drunk, or having a delinquent peer, he is going to be predatory.

There was time when my mother’s generation were in charge, they are in their late sixties today, sitting idle or leisure was a carnal sin, people did their darning and ironing listening to radio or watching TV. Today we would call them ADHD! That does not mean be scrap leisure but maybe we need to look at what really relaxes us.

Dancing was once a joy, a form of community relaxation, or a fertility rite or in many cases a refined art, today it is big business. I actually saw a young girl of 5yrs dance no prance around to vulgar music that translated to sexual invitation while she took off layers of clothes, off until she was in a bikini shorts and halter neck. For the moment cute what happens when she is pubescent? It is arousal and invitation… have these exhibitionist parents prepared for the child to face the consequence? It may not be this child, who would be protected  but another child who becomes the surrogate victim. So I cannot afford the luxury of saying that oh! My daughter does not do it.

Have you ever heard my generation parents in our forties and fifties, contemplating our children’s career our first consideration is what are the career options abroad. We are so busy telling the children that they have to get out!!

My group of teenagers have an interesting point of view.

Oh! We now have a clean canvas, we can create the India we want. These people will take charge in another 5-10yrs so there is hope.

Think about this, unless we respect ourselves and honour our existence nobody else is going to do this for us.


2 Replies to “Ah pleid guilty.”

  1. lesser said the better
    basics in each family have to change-the mind set till then i feel the tunnel will be dark & long the light at the end of the tunnel a agonizing journey
    Catch em young –start in the most junior class as i feel it is taboo in a average Indian family to talk freely the right /.wrong has to be emphasized may be then by the time these youngsters grow up to be adult same sanity will prevail

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