Much a do about nothing.

It was an interesting talk on angika abhinaya in the abhijaat festival.poornima

The  speakers, Mr.Rajendran and his executor Mrs. Anjana Rajan were very clear that they were sharing a journey  yet Mr. Rajendran in his opening mentioned that he invited question for it meant people understood what was said. A very elite thought. Would the logical corollary be if there are no questions then the lecture went un-understood?

The demonstration by Anjanaji was very pristine, and sterile, her dexterity in side stepping the usage of angika abhinaya in its versatility and emphasizing on the vachika interestingly the geetika was amazing.

Mrs.Anaga Deshpande stooped to play Uriah Heep and even gave an opening to Mrs. Rajan to carve a knowledge sharing.  Mr.Rajendran regretted the inability to do so quoting the time constrain.

Out of vulgar curiosity, I wonder if we would have had more knowledge sharing if we shifted the paradigm, and Mrs.Anjana Rajan answered Anaga, as she would answer an evaluator?

The audience had Mrs.Sapna Naik, a renowned dancer who definitely have the intelligence  to expand on the what Mrs.Rajan said if there was a time constrain, there was Mr.Varadrajan, the mridangist, Mr.Josalkar the patriarch of theatre in goa, Mrs.Josalkar the director of the school of drama. There were the faculty of the Natyashastra dept. From Bhopal would have to be of some calibre to be where they are today. Even Mr.Saish Deshpande himself who is scholar in his own right.

In a experiential learning Mr.Rajendran we need to understand that though all roads lead to Rome, one could be over the land and one over the sea giving us different artifacts and landmarks.

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