parents and holiday

plinky vacationsShould working parents get summer holidays?

I would assume all parents do work, at different levels, some self-employed, some in public sector, some in private sector, some housewives, or lets use the modern word “home maker” well breaks are part of any job profile, when and how long I guess are company policies.

If people want to spend time with their kids they should, of course it is their right too, but if they want to be paid to spend time with their kids well that’s kind of dicey.

I remember being young and would love the beginning of the summer holidays, they would seem to stretch on and on for ages, then suddenly they gallop to a finish; but these days, summer vacation, means summer camp, new skills, workshops, a over scheduled travel one would need a vacation to get over this.

There is so much of pressure to have a good time, but no one seems to define what a good time is,

Most working parents do have a choice whether they want to take time off from work for their kids and not. Most companies do allow three weeks vacation beyond that you only get paid for work done, if not it is called stealing. If you do talk about children’s right then Parents don’t expect to be paid to spend time to look after your kid. By the large mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off.

More than a long scheduled vacation, it might be more relaxing both for the child and parent to take an occasional day off, for confronted with even one week where there is no adrenaline inspiring schedule may cause such confusion that people do not know where to begin. Enjoyment comes fleetingly and unheralded it is a pressure to determinedly enjoy oneself for a whole week.

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