The rot within.

bleeding india.Here we are watching the news

20 children in Bihar died of poisoning.

Amidst this tragedy what we neglect to see is the greater tragedy at on end we see children with up end mobiles, and play station  here are kids for whom a morsel of mid meal means a relief to their parents.

But the more worrying part is amidst the various coaching classes, and posh schools were we have children scoring 94% or whatever over it and still not getting an admission into “Stephen’s”  the spoon-feeding, no the IV nourishment of coaching classes, all focused on getting the child to perform a total recall under pressure. The classrooms are air-conditioned.  We have kids committing suicide unable to cope up with pressure.

On the other end we have kids who go to schools with no classrooms or teachers. Children dying because their food is poisoned and their water is contaminated.

If you looked at the place where the food stored it the house of the headmaster, which in itself was a makeshift ramshackle thatched shelter!   children die in effect of homicide due to neglect and greed of the politicians, bureaucracy and a nation that has lost its priories and  self respect.

We have  Angad Nadkarni coping up the urban educated elite noise with his examify, what of those kids whose life is  soundless, ?

It is kind of set of extremes, that create a social rot leading to the auto-immune reaction of the society become active and the social structure and security becomes self destructive.

In we are seriously considering investment then revamp the schooling system.

  • Start local tax collecting system.
  • Every child goes to the school closest to its house  that would mean the state language becomes the medium of instruction.
  • Every undergraduate course like B.Sc.  B.A or B.Com should include certain hours of teaching assisting at the school district. That would increase the availability of teachers.
  • Increase the teachers pay.
  • No child goes to school before the age of 3yrs, be it play school or kindergarten and no writing before the age of 8(Wrist bones ossify at the age of 8)indiblogger franklin templeton

Do we have the commitment to your kids to do that?



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