Bengali Buzurg Vs Gujju Guy

ImageAmartya Kumar Sen Indian economist, who lives in the land of Uncle Sam, writes on poverty, socialism and Indian culture sponsored by American cheques. He has made contributions to social choice theory, economic and social justices, and economic theories of famines and indexes of the measurement of well-being of citizens of developing countries.

The fly that bothers our export quality Bengali Buzurg is Narendra Modi, 14th and current chief minister of Gujarat a state in western India.

From what the media reports the bilayati Bengali Buzurg actually got 64 politicians from India (?) to sign a petition to OBAMA (?) is not approving modi’s candidature, now I am a stupid citizen who has certain fundamental questions, — call me an argumentative Indian if you like

modiThe Bilayati Bengali Babu lives somewhere out of the countries boundaries, US or UK so how does he matter?

On Headlines Today the Bilayati Bengali Babu queries, “Is there congress man implicated in the 84 riots harbouring PM ambitions.” The answer Mr. Nobel Laureate economist-socialist –cultural scientist Mr.Sen is NOT KNOWN we don’t know what the politicians latent dreams are, but the members of the congress party know that it is Raoul Vinci (aka known as Rahul Gandhi poster boy for congress within the country and Indian politics of western media.)Who is the prime minister in waiting with powers vested by Mama Mia?

Amidst all the adulation you receive for your knowledge bank in economics, history, sociology, Indian culture, global presence, congress arse licking, Mr. Secular progressive sen you are suffering from altimeters, remember the Prithviraj and Jaichand?  The warring smaller states of India, resulting in the British ruling us, citizen journalistfrom the Islamic Invaders, to the Christian traders are YOU now inviting the Americans to rule us?

Shame on you,

You are not a Bharat Ratna.

5 Replies to “Bengali Buzurg Vs Gujju Guy”

  1. Hi Parwati,

    I have a different view on this.

    Every person has his own view and opinion.

    Mr Amartya Sen got Bharat Ratna for the work he has done on economics not given by political party “X” , just because he was supporting that party.

    Just like you, me or even Amitab bacchan he also has his views and opinions. Does it make the work he has done, thesis he has put less credible ?

    I’m afraid, you are sounding more like that politician who made cheap comment of stripping the economist of his Bharat Ratna.

    Where is it written that an economist or an actor or a doctor shouldn’t have any political view ?

    On what blatant basis can u make statement like “He is not Bharat Ratna” just because he supports political party “X” either directly or indirectly?

    1. the petition to Obama! Why Obama?
      As for his Bharata Ratna in this context its about inviting some external power to alter the political dynamics, haven’t we learnt from history?
      He is welcome to his political views, but what got me was the media treating it as sacrosanct.

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