Elephants can remember.

women' dignity 2TOI  had runs and re-runs of women who claimed sexual abuse in retrospect. Or decided to share their disturbed dignity now that they are in a more secure place career wise. This disclosure is on a blogspace and the blog is accessed by TOI, to the whole gamut seems so ridiculous.

Okay, the power of the predator could be intimidating, hence the victim has not disclosed. There could also be a fear of ridicule, isolation or even the fear of not being believed. Overcoming that could probably allow the person to confront at a later stage.

The closure would then be one to one private. The person I am referring to I think is a Ms.Mrinal Sood does not want to disclose her tormentor’s name as she does not want to tarnish it!! cut the crap. Then either it happened in your imagination or you want some “phukat” publicity. Last possibility could be a threat to the tune of “okay buster, I can go viral on you anytime’.citizen journalist

Ladies its time we took a call. Companies and firms, are actually wondering if they should take on female staff. Though why a male junior is not at the risk of being harassed somehow seems so gender biased. Crying rape, immediately or in retrospect  is something that a man would need to live in fear off.

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