Trained citizen journalism sites

citizen journalistTrained citizen journalism sites.

For those of us who are into citizen’s journalism, here are some sites. Like Madison common, which launched in March 2006,draws content from three sources. The local publications, that partner by providing story links, the work of students trained in the citizen journalism program at the university of Wisconsin-Madison and citizens who have undergone reporting and writing workshops. Some 50 citizens recruited from neighbourhood planning councils, were trained as of 2006 the number would have increased as of now. of these about 10 became contributors said journalism professor and project director Lew Friedland.  Friedland feels citizen journalists would cover the grassroots issue from the Madison neighbourhood reporting, issues more accurately.

Geoff Dougherty is an investigative reporter who launched the non-profit chi-town daily in dec.2005dougherty runs informal night-at the pub training workshops for anyone who is interested. With this he hopes to cover the lot of economically disadvantaged neighbour hoods that never get any coverage.

In the Indian context,, are two sites involved in citizen’s journalism.

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