the silent story tellers of the voiceless

tata capital 2the silent story tellers of the voiceless

in the anonymous city of Bombay where we have been, but never been, I mean we traverse without it touching us, or us touching it, houses half stories of people we have never heard of, people we rather not know of, real stories their obstacles, their challenges, their dreams aspiration and sometimes just to be.

Tata capitals wants us to hear these unheard stories. We could write, donate, share, repost or forward, or just simply stay connected. We could just complete these stories. Like the story of Shahin and Chetan who are audio-challenged teenagers who have just learnt photography. The bring us story of Mumbai a city of forgotten stories.

The children have begun a journey to empowerment.

Dr.Ajay Kothari sowed a seed, while people of the noisy world were challenged when it came to using non-verbal communication, he had a group of highly privileged individuals who were challenged when it came to hearing, this would have made their non communication skills very potent. Yet the greater challenge must have been silencing the verbose world to listen these voices.

Then came Pankaj Trivedi, with camera in hand and boy has he trained the young ones?

If I were to complete this story I would make them the bridge between the lost people of Mumbai who are buzzing in the local trains, picking up grocery from the vendor nearest to the station rushing to cook dinner and rest a while before travelling 2hrs to work next day.

If these children bring the stories back to the people, with puppets, documentaries, and visual story telling whatever their unique vision would add to recreating the identity of the people. Someday, I know I will read a column by Chetan, a view a show hosted by Shahin. Read a book penned by their friend and view documentary penned by someone else. But more importantly if will hear someone say she heard a story from silent child that made her realize who she was. A story that merged her current story with a story that she erased to create a new identity that empowered both the storyteller and her listener.

Could it be possible for us find how Chetan and Shahin would like their story to go and help them achieve it?

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