Serio Non Serius

bacteriaseriously not serious, the middle English word that debuted in the 15th century from sesyows has seriously cause dangerous results in the lives of people giving rise to questions that are difficult to answer.

Joy and fun have vanished from lives as though God would vanish if he heard someone laugh. Or if someone did something for the sheer joy of it.

Seriously seriousness is a major disease. Manifests in many forms.  I call the five star manifestations of the virus serio serius

Sermo Interferesthis has results. One prominent sufferer of this situation was Ma Meera. The onset of symptoms was so insidious that only when it reached the terminal stage did we realize the seriousness of it all. This major disease is caused by a congenital malfunction called Fama the sufferer gets these tremendous urges to re-organize everyone’s life to fit into the box. Ma Meera, unfortunately succumbed to the disease, and reported to Shalu’s husband that she did not like the way Shalu and her Boss Mark Glenn where interacting, these triggered the campus drama, with Shalu’s husband threatening divorce and Mark’s wife divorcing him!!  Ma Meera felt very self satisfied that she had put-em right.

The next manifestation is curo a condition where the sufferer pays more attention than deserved to a situation. Or the sufferer feels that a situation deserves attention. Like Aunt Agatha’s obsession with where James went with his brief case every evening. Now from my flat it is impossible to observe the entry and exit of every person in the building. But Aunt Agatha somehow manages it.

“I am serious Patty, that man is no good.”

“How do you know about it?”

‘5 pm the time that most people arrive home, this guy is going out, with a brief case.’

“May be he is going for a night sift”

“I don’t know how you can be so naive despite being a doctor.” Have you seen the guy? Night shift!!(Double snort here) she actually contemplated calling the police because she saw him return without the briefcase on alternate days, her conclusion, he is a drug dealer.

Seriousness is very contagious and people suffering the Res Ernestitis  form of it have a tough time, particularly when the dead line of assignment submission appears. Imagine the perils of diagnosing people suffering from stuffshirtitis (a more dangerous version of Res Ernestitis where the sufferer has a compulsion to complete and submit assignments ahead of time) then ply them with a workable sob-story beg-borrow or steal the done assignment modify edit, modify font and submit.

People’s people want People to marry people’s people that People don’t like cribbed P.G.Wodehouse, of course this is a common disorder of Aunt Agatha, Uncle Sam, and People, it called Profundus Penitus they have great interest in everything that has nothing to do with them really.

The sufferers of Non Facile Refero-Itis know that it is not easy to find answers so off they go in search of a Guru.

These people go into the terminal stage called Sino Laetus eventually where the experiences these above state and enjoy it. Ever wondered why. I mean why one would want to have

  • palpitation
  • increased body metabolism
  • peripheral sweating
  • And the potential to go into cardiac arrest.

When the remedy so easy, one just needs to have fun. Maybe because fun is the banished angel. Somehow we fear that if we have fun we might miss the train to heaven.

So here we are catching the train to heaven versus Justforkicks… what does one do? Here is sure shot short cut to Nirvana.

You needed to de-toxic. Find a secluded spot you don’t want to be disturbed. Slowly take a deep breath, stretch your hand, and dig into your pocket. Pick the bar of chocolate.cadbury

Now unwrap and take a bite, let it rest on your tongue contemplate on nineteen tables for a minute while the chocolate slowly purifies your being.  Repeat the process till the entire chocolate is over. Now share other chocolates with your near and dear.

Remember–When the going gets tough, tough eat chocolates

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