Hotwatah and deep kip. Don’t you know?

bath tubReborn each day with hot water

There was CHAOS in my life, that is Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. Then came the house-fairy, she weeded, prodded and brought me into routine. Hell with traditions and superstitions, but my housework happens in the evening at 6.30pm after I return from work.

A warm cup of coffee believe me It doesn’t matter where you’re from..or how you feel… there’s always peace in a strong cup of coffee. After which depending on how stressful the day has been its  either neither coconut oil, or navaratna oil massage, into my hair, feet, face, neck. Somehow that fortifies me, it is like re-assuring that the ultimate luxury awaits.

I call it my evening routine…. and blessing my house…. a room each week, and the spirit of the house fairy takes over.

  • Start cooking dinner.
  • Multitask

o   with detail cleaning of  the room of the week.

o   Rush through cleaning the others

  • Dry the wash load, fold and replace the washed ones, iron the ones that need to be replaced if in a uncharitable mood, delegate the ironing.

Its dinner time, clear the dinner,  guess what now is the magical experience of the day for me. …A hot water bath…

I love the magic of a hot bathe ; how time pauses and every grievance melts away. There must be very few things that a hot bath won’t cure,  water so hot that it is a challenge to step into, now is the time to drop the aroma oil into it, for sometimes it is sandal, for some it is lavender,  there are times when it is simple dettol.  This is where I meditate, I let myself into the arms of the water spirits, as they soothe, nourish, and replenish my skin and soul.

recoldAs the warmth of the hot water engulfs,  it take away the grievances of the day, the assault that the body mind and soul has experienced.  Each circular movement of the scrubber seems to erase the insult, and fragrance of lavender and sandal pick up with them the pleasant moments its like I am being replenished and  readied for the waiting arms of nidra, the goddess of sleep, knowing well that the Ratri Devi has cast her protective veil with the watchful eyes of the stars I am in deep trance. Slowly to be claimed by sleep. To be reborn to the new day with welcoming arms of Ushas the goddess of dawn.

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