Mam’s Day Gift.

clean room2May 11th the much touted Mother’s day, I even wondered if I should gift my mother Margarita after all I would have driven her to it if we were in another social context.

But what intrigued me is May 10th, where uncle Sam’s land actually had dedicated a day to see that every mother gets her mother’s day gift. It was the “National clean your room day.”  The effort and time to achieve this is directly proportional to enthusiasm to do it.

cleaning up has its emotional side, as I cleaned my room, letters from my grandmother, all battered, faded yet her spidery writing is so binding that I am unable to bring myself to throw it out. Recipes to be tried on a later day all that has to go out. There is only one way to do it, go for the jugular. Dump it—store it—assign it a place.

I remember there was this person at the Louise Hay workshop who kept saying every time she cleared up stuff and threw them out, they kept coming back.  That’s when the Coach told her what  is exactly is the stuff that you are collecting. She said, recipes eventually when she put aside a day in the week to try out new recipes the things got sorted out.  As she had selected Friday for the test recipe she would paste the recipe for the available next Friday.

One time when we cleaned the attic we found my great grandfather’s account book. Another time my grandmother’s letters to my mother, and my letters to my grandmother. Her observations and points noted on the side to be added to the reply.

When it comes to actually spring cleaning the thought is so overwhelming that we tend to put it off.  This is a useful link when the task is scary, it has helped me through many a crisis cleaning

Once the mission declutter has been achieved believe me, it is euphoric.

Throwing away the garbage is empowering.




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