Right of Way

Traffic offenders
Traffic offenders

A friend shared her experience that she had on the road.

Waiting at a signal, when the signal turned green the bus ahead just began to move. Out of nowhere came 10 kids, who stood right in front of the bus chattering.

Here is the situation the light is green the bus has to move, so do the people in the vehicles behind the bus. The options that the driver has is very simple,

  1. He just continues to drive and let the kids face the consequences.
  2. He waits honking for the crowd to move.

Had he done the first there would be a hue cry and very parent in town would take cudgels not mention cop bashing state transport minister and police department bashing.–> central transport minister abused the PM is nailed. There would be beating up the poor driver him being imprisoned and his already impoverished family getting more harassed three and half Hindi movies emerging out of this.

The hapless driver chooses the second option that resulted in nuisance value to the people waiting behind.

I remember a patient of mine who was driver saying “Madam, animals move when they hear the horns, kids don’t mothers walking their kids are worse.”

My own experience in front of the Dempe College, this girl was on the phone ambling across, her language was pretty bad grammatically and colourful with explicit. I stopped my bike, to glare at her.

She threw a four letter biologic act at me. I got off my bike and to tell her “listen kid, I can out swear you, but the truth is you cannot die under my bike getting under the wheels of a bus is sure shot at committing suicide.” The girl of course glared all over again.

Of course Shefali being the logical teacher talks about rights. I am little intolerant. What occurs to me, our lack of respect for us and others? It is also a reflection of our attitude to life…

We focus on what is the lack but not about optimizing what is available. We talk of increase in crimes and breaking in the law and order situation. We do not acknowledge that we break the law every time we drive down the one-way. I have seen parents go against the flow in a one way when they come to drop their kids. So what are we telling the kids “road rules don’t matter.” We do not consider sending our children by a school bus which would reduce the burden, in addition teaching some basic sharing and considering others skill in children we drive 9kms to school drop the kid return to begin our work day.

citizen journalistThis kind of inability to consider the other reflects in every aspect of modern India.

On second thoughts had driver treated them like he treats cattle that is honk and carry on the kids would have probably moved off the road. If we really want the kids and parents to obey rule then we tell them each time the child breaks a traffic rule he loses one mark at the 12th exam and if the parents are the traffic offenders then it is one mark each at 12th board exam and GCET I guess all the traffic offense in front of the schools, and coaching classes will immediately cease.

Devious aren’t I?

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