Charm of the Charminar


A bustling Friday,

My husband and i decided to visit charminar.

The approach to charminar had quaint old Hyderabad buildings with street vendors displaying their ware.DSC_0598

The products like the charminar very Hyderabadi. What stands out in the craftsmanship of the Deccan is the presence of intricate work that is where tidy, and sharp. Nothing is left to blend or just merge, the craft is clean, be it their embroidery, their brocade or their buildings.

Gazing through the structure which nestles right at the middle of the road, seems so opposed to the  vast gardens, and elaborate care taken by the archaeological department over the Mogul monuments.

outer arches at the minaret.
outer arches at the minaret.

Charminar was built the Mohamed Quli Qutub Shah the 5th ruler of the Qutub Shahi dynasty in the Hijri year 1000 (1591-92 AD)DSC_0620

The structure has a square base of 31.95 meters on each arm, and vazi or cistern in the centre. There are 4 minaret’s that are 11 mts high and each of 3 stories. These minars are bonded by arches on the outer facade and balconies on the inner aspect. There are 149 steps leading to the top on each minarets and 12 landing in all.

The western wing houses the mosque in the 2nd storey there are 45 open prayer spaces in all.

The arches form the main theme of the structure, a double arch facade for the roof, the decorative minor arches on the outer face the arched corridor the structure is a aesthetic feast.

cistern or vaze at the center of charminar
cistern or vaze at the center of charminar
the clocks.

Four clocks were added in 1889 on the four cardinal directions.

It is rather sad to see our callousness ravage an important piece of architecture.

Somehow the ambience was as though one was being transported in time to an late Raj India, more precisely to an independent Pakistan Karachi.

Athiti devo bhava?
Athiti devo bhava?

2 Replies to “Charm of the Charminar”

  1. Oh you are in our own Hyderabad.. It’s perfect to visit during Ramzan, I’m sure you’ll see real flavour of Hyd now..
    Hope the city gives you best moments and memories to cherish.

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