Goa Blogger’s Lounge-July 2014

Looks like the July 5th did not happen. I guess we are still not willing to break our comfort zones. Any case here is another attempt to mobile all of us.
Here is looking at the last Saturday of the month that is July 26th.
As Werner Suggested (he calls it his 4 annas) we could have “find your mentor” as our theme where everyone shares what they do, and we suggest a mentor. Like he suggests my daughter who is interested in forensic medicine connects with Patricia Comwell on http:// patriciacormwell.com
My take is goosy goosy gander whither dost thou wander… we could look at what actually the bloggers lounge means to each of us.
Aparna, Revati and Helen are busy with the Indian food blogger meet, if there is anything they would like us to help them with maybe we can.
Werner how about a session on choosing the right blog name. That would be interesting.
Location as of now ICG time 6pm if there is any change we shall let you know.
Could all those who plan to attend register with Galileo?
Mr. Galileo Fernandes 2452805 -10 ext. 605 pro@incentgoa.com
Or leave an acceptance in the comment section of my blog

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