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  • To the Scribe Tribe

    To the Scribe Tribe

    walking down the memory lane with Indiblogger.

  • Learning and Unlearning of 2017

    Learning and Unlearning of 2017

    Learning – unlearning #2017 With my 2018 schedule falling in place, I look back on 2016, and 2017 maybe the actual journey began with 2015. Looking back on 2017 it has been an amazing year. Balancing the fundementals of life, that power, love, freedom and fun. Somehow the balance never seemed to happen. But between…

  • Chai and Khana

    Chai and Khana

    It was one of those days.. I was sheathing at having to drink terrible coffee at an unnamed station – instead of the comforting Deja Brew of Coffea Robusta at Ram Bhavan (our sanskari Drone’s club). It was time to declare war. This required great planning, and everyone in the world and her husband knows…

  • Who Empowers?

    Who Empowers?

    Merriam-Webster says to empower is to give official authority or legal power to act on ones behalf. It could also mean to enable It could also be to promote the self-actualization or to influence. Do we need someone to really empower us? Doesn’t the constitution already empower every citizen of the country immaterial of the…

  • To Be Noticed Is To Be Loved.

    To Be Noticed Is To Be Loved.

    To Be Noticed Is To Be Loved. I grew up in the eighties, so we painstakingly cut articles from papers and filed them further references, particularly the embroidery design recipes, not to mention make up tips and how to buy inners. When I discovered Pinterest it was just that for me, a virtual pin board…

  • In the Quest of Happiness

      #Happiness, What does happiness mean to me? do I go looking for happiness? Let me answer the second question first, no i do not go looking for happiness.  There is an interesting quote from Abraham Lincoln which I really like “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”…