Spider energy weaving life

xammi-spider medicineRick Riordon in book Mark of Athena, talks of an Arhcane as a wonderful weaver, she wove the sunlight into tapestries. My perception of cobweb has changed since then, they are of course the carpets of dustbunnies and they have to be done away with, yet they also remind us that we have the ability to weave our lives into strong beautiful works of art.
This is the spider that saved Christ from the Romans.
We may not realize that the sight of a spider’s web glistening in the sun, the beads of morning dew catching the light to shine like diamonds on an intricate necklace, may carry a message for us. their beauty belies their strength, because though they are spun from thin strands of silk they can hold the weight of the dew and capture nourishment in their nets as well. This is the trait of the weaver the spider.
Our traditional association with the spider has been that of a schemer, maybe someone who entraps. We also associate it with neglect and decay maybe even something long forgotten. There is also an instinctive fear response to spiders, we can look beyond this physical instinct to understand the spiritual message that they can give us.
among indigenous healers, particularly the native American traditions spider medicine is known to represent creativity. Her eight legs represent the four winds of change, and four directions on the medicine wheel. While her body is in the shape of infinity symbol, which represents the infinite possibilities to communicate.
The spider was said to have woven the alphabet,creating the means for people to communicate and record their history through language, just like the Greeks had their fates three women who weave the tapestry of life, spiders are said weave the creative forces that bring forth intricately symmetrical patterns of our lives.
A spider that has just wandered into our line of sight may bringing us one of the several message, like reminding us of our infinite possibilities that we could draw to create our life. In the modern context ti could be check the “Web” to see if our various communication captured something. It could be referring to old journals to look for patterns that recorded in our personal history.
The spiders medicine could be telling us that as the creators of our life we need to have the courage to reach out and create our own intricately beautiful and strong tomorrow. When don’t pay attention the spider may feel the need to get our attention by biting us, when this happens we need to investigate which part of the body was attacked and what is the message that the spider medicine sent.

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