Opening the Heart — Returning Home

xammi-homeOpening the heart—returning home,
CTRT choice theory and reality therapy is one way of dealing with blocks and obstacles. It deals with the choices we make. One major difference i found between hypnotherapy and CTRT is the nexus from which it works, while CTRT goes “what were your thoughts when you felt it.” hypnotherapy goes “what did you feel when thought that” though at the end the end of the day both deal with thoughts.
Yet spiritual teachers have always pointed to the heart as the seat of consciousness, and what we call “Allopathy” or western science has found evidence that the heart is autonomous in nature and is quite independent of the control of motor system.
On another plane, heart is the source of our connection to a greater consciousness greater than the ego. As we approach life with a heart we open the door to this great consciousness, taking residence in the seat of our soul. Fortunately at this time there is a lot of support for this shift energetically as well as practically. To some degree approaching life with an open heart is as simple as shifting your attention on to your heart.
This would require a little practise until eventually we can do this anytime, anyplace but first it may help to try it in a quiet place where we won’t be disturbed. What could do is sit simply with our eyes closed, draw our breath into our heart. As the breath expands the heart is activated.
This kind of breath focusing could cause tenderness or sadness in the heart initially, but there may also be a sense of relief. These in our Purana are poetically described as demons to be overcome. Being with this process benefits the physiological heart, and our soul heart, by energizing it. With practise we find opening up to our own presence and all situations that life brings us.
Opening our hearts makes feel tender, and vulnerable this indicates that they need our attention as we cleanse and heal them of past hurts and blockages. This process may require practising hearts lessons like patience, compassion and unconditional love. It might even be as easy as returning home after a long day.
Either way approaching life with an open simply means returning to our true home.

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