As We Believe we create completeness

an relic from 1800 a tree in front of the museum
a relic from 1800 a tree in front of the museum

You are whole and complete just the way you are – that was the first thing the coaches at the Landmark Education told us, and all transformational leaders be it Janet, Louise Hay or Shakti they begin their healing with this and the understanding that your life is just perfect where it is.
Though initially I did feel like a fraud, my first step was to accept this completeness, it was 21 days of affirming that “i am willing to accept that I am whole and complete just the way I am.” Slowly over two years I see the transformation taking place.
I realized that when I am affirming fulfillment rather than deficiency I am asserting contentment and that was the natural way of being. This left me energized to the next direction of growth.
Just think, from a unicellular being we have evolved to colonies of multicellular beings that function as an entity. This vouches for the creative power of the universe. human potential is subject to this creative power, but because we are sentient beings each of us is permitted to choose whether we would like to struggle against it or work in tandem with it. when we give voice to our desires through focused meditation or solicit the help of spirit guides, we draw up on the universe’s creative power to achieve certain ends.
This was something that quite often confused me, this asking the universe, the expression of gratitude before the event succeeded. Here is something I received from Shakti Gawain, and I that sort cleared things for me, “the discourse we establish through our appeals is a blend of speech, though, intention and subconscious reflection. When we ask the universe for something, the unspoken message is that what we want does not exist, and this becomes the truth that universe accepts.” Conversely, we manifest completeness through affirmations in which we declare our desires as if we have already obtained them.
When we affirm that we are fulfilled instead of articulating deficiencies, we are asserting that contentment is a natural and necessary element of human existence. Our essence is an expression fulfillment – the universe wants to satisfy our needs and desires. When we describe our realities in positive terms we are not denying the challenges inherent in existence, we choose not focus on the lack or dissatisfaction because we understand that the energy of our thoughts will determine the response we receive to our entreaties
What we did was we put in our markers that is what tells us that our vision is achieved. It involved being free of looking good, honest markers, and how does achieving the marker make us feel, then we had to internalize emotional state.
The trick was to create a picture of satisfaction so vivid that its reality was unquestionable and tell the universe that our vision is a fact. At the close of our appeal, we had to express gratitude as it was the acknowledgement of the truth of our fulfillment this set the creative power of the universe into motion. Now the gratitude made sense.
The way Shakti puts it, working in perfect universe with the creative power of the universe will empower us to manifest spiritual realities in our material existence. As we affirm the beauty, peace, and goodness that already exist with us in our life our capacity to sense and understand their influence will become increasingly sophisticated. As we banish all thoughts of emptiness we attract the energy of completeness into our being this allows us to meet our needs and achieve our desires.
As we believe we create completeness.





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