Uplifting Showers

The rains.

Uplifting showers.
Its pouring quite heavily though not the blanket of torrential rains of my childhood but incessant. The weather is damp and wet outside. Can you imagine the loveliness of being warm snug inside the house when the weather out is cold and damp? Storms and rains literally change the energy in the air
I remember as children this pouring rain meant warm bhajjiyas, coffee, dhoop in the rooms and aunts singing. It was almost as if they were rendering gratitude to nature for the accompanying music of the pitter-patter rain, in addition to the joy of being warm and dry when the weather outside was damp and wet.
Being indoors for long duration could however be claustrophobic instead of calm. Then maybe we could clear the negative energy by getting rid of the clutter, sweeping away dust to freshen our space. A chime on the wind path is also a great idea. One thing I really notice the happier we are with ourselves and our home the rains become more beautiful in our space. Conversely, the more we connect with the seasonal cycle the more we connect with ourselves and the more we connect with ourselves the more we harmony we bring to our house.
Working with classical Indian theatre, one interesting thing i learnt is various cultures interpret rains in different ways.
The simple miracle of water falling from the sky has been interpreted in many ways by many poets. Some see rains as the nourishing gift from the well fed deities. Rain also served as a symbol of emotional cleansing and represented the unending union between the earth and sky.
Rain heralded prosperity and security and confirmed the availability of food for the coming cycle. Today’s culture however sees rain as an annoyance – something to be borne doggedly while attending to one’s usual duties. But the arrival of days of rains, is the time for us slow down. Though the thunderstorm and a month of incessant rains is no more there, still, when mother nature darkens the sky with heavy water-borne clouds to cause drizzling freshly opened buds close, many animals settle into their nests for a period of repose. We can honour rains days by following the example put forth by the flora and fauna around us. even if we must venture out into a shower, we can still slow down and appreciate our connection to nature.
A sheltered spot like a covered porch is a great place to sit, and meditatively observe the rain drops descending to the earth. The pitter-patter of rain on a roof top or car window is quite therapeutic and soothing it reminds us the unforeseen is a part of life and every dark cloud has a silver lining and a blessing for us.

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