A message from pain.

xammi - painA message from pain…

As kids if we fell down, my aunt would tell us, ”biddiya maga, yeddko” that is if you have fallen child you need to get up. so handling pain kind became part of our psyche.

When I attended a workshop by Asma D’souza the facilitator for Louise Hay she had a great sharing, that it is not the fall or the pain but the response of the mother that moulds the child’s reaction to pain. Again all hurts and pains are messages that our body gives us.

There was this patient who had mild head ache so she took in Anacin. The next day the headache was gone but she was feverish so she took crocin, again she was symptom free for a week but at the end of this she had pox had she let the fever manifest her body would have prepared her for the pox maybe even the itch could be handled. Anyway apparently the same goes for pain.

Louise says pain and discomfort is the body’s way of letting us know that it needs attention. A headache is informing us that we’re hungry or stressed just as a sore throat tells us that our voice needs rest. If we over ride these messages instead of responding to them we tend to worsen the condition. We are also inviting a state of disconnect between our minds and bodies.

Physical pain not lets us know that our physical body needs attention; it also draws our attention to the emotional area that we need to heal. That needs as much care as the wounded limb does.  By listening to our pain we know how to heal ourselves. It’s natural to resist pain, but once we understand that it is here to give us valuable information, we can relax a bit more, and take a moment to listen before we reach for medication. Sometimes this is enough to noticeably reduce pain, because the message heard.

Louise Hay guides us, to recognizing the message and then listening to our intuition about how to relieve that pain. It is usually with affirmations, though in severe cases or chronic cases along with affirmations journal writing helps.

Even as I was healing from the burns a friend of mine a Reiki healer Nandini Sahai  brought to my notice that I was dealing with anger, and I needed to get a closure for that anger to heal.  When I did go through the quest of addressing my anger things did fall into place.

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