Revenge Getting Even—a different approach to anger.

revengeIn the Prince of Thorns  Mark Lawrence writes “Tell me, tutor” I said.”Is revenge a science or an art?”

Well ever wondered what it is? Actually I have. like moments of kneading the dough always seems to find events that elicit revenge. Pounding the dough somehow seem to release the anger.

There are times when I get so angry with someone I actually imagine ways of seeking revenge for the hurt they’ve caused me, and the methods are so blood curlingly nasty. However somewhere along the way I realized that these thoughts were very energetic creations and rebalancing myself was tough. The only way I could do it was acknowledge the hurt and then release it to the universe with forgiveness. It is very difficult to do so. I also realized when someone did hurt me if I said its okay, then I was permitting the other person to hurt me again, if I could say this is the boundary that you do not cross then things are clear.

Before invensting into a negative thought or action, it became very necessary for me to remind myself that everything had a purpose. It was easier to release issues when I did not take them personally. I could look at every interaction as an opportunity to make a better choice. That meant I had to take a deep breathe, affirm to myself where I wanted the relationship to go, and then choose to respond in a way that I could connect to.

What is and was difficult is to release the baggage of old hurts I call them scars. But then achieving closures would help.

I had to be non judgemental about myself and others that was where the major catch was.  But yes as I meet people before my scar days they seem to find me very non-judgemental which meant I just had to go back to what I was. I don’t get to play the victim.

These days however i have taken a page from Mary Higgins Clark when someone is mean to me, I just make them a victim in my next book.

3 Replies to “Revenge Getting Even—a different approach to anger.”

  1. Very nice post. And i could relate to every feeling and thought you have shared. I have never been a forgive and forget kinds, my way of dealing with it is if it happens once i let go, if it happens more than thrice i just distance myself with the person so much that they become non existent for me. I agree some scars never heal but i also believe they should not heal as they remind the lessons it left us with. I really liked this topic and your thoughts.

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