A Student Endeavor

DSCN8261[1]A student endeavour

About a fortnight back Ronald Martins, the power behind Goa’s consumer education and creating responsible citizens gave me buzz asking me to join in at a Plant exhibition atSiolim.

Potted plants display
vertical garden using pots made of coconut shells.

I did, since i have enormous respect for the man, and I had no respectable excuse.

But I am glad I did go, when I hear of the so-called international  school, with air-conditioned classrooms, and “foreign expertise” the school

vertical stand garden
vertical stand garden

Verticle Garden
exhibition invariable shows well finished projects that are obviously outsourced outcome.

The kendriya Vidyalaya’s do however come up with go od  genuinely by the students as long as the principle is more interested in the students than the stars for her institute.  There teachers who inspire the children, ensure they get required funds scholarships.

But here was an exhibition put up by the kids using their brains, imagination and funding it from their pockets. The teachers were surprised to know that government had funds for these projects, when I say government I mean the central government.

The kids had focused to creating kitchen gardens, mushroom cultivation and the economical viability of it.

Dealing with kitchen gardens, they of course had locovoria—local fauna. Small kitchen patches. But more interestingly they explored the option of vertical gardening web waste recycle to create not only fertile soil but also the longterm economic profitability of biofuel.

It made me both humble, and honoured that I could be a part of this option that the students presented.

DSCN8255[1] DSCN8256[1]

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