At the Museum.

DSC_0062Somewhere the definition  of public spaces and private seems does not seem exist in our culture.

I am not talking about the shomeall social network nurtured culture. I am talking of people who in their 50’s too.

Just look at our temples, we are so noisy so crude and me first. we don’t even attempt at being civil.

A month ago my husband I were at the Salar Jung Museum at Hyderabad. The peaceful ambience suddenly disturbed by a bunch of teenagers, absolutely loud, foul mouthed, jumping the  separators to click photographs. They definitely have not been taught how to behave in these spaces.

The poor caretaker went berserk at the Kittur museum stopping people from clicking pictures, he kept telling them that the flashes damaged the exhibits, the visitors either ignored him, or bullied him or blatantly laughed at him for they thought they were cats whiskers by breaking rules.

Loud rowdy behaviour comes when the viewer is bored. So if  you don’t like a museum or an exhibition do not go there. sit out at the cafeteria and flirt with guard, but don’t be a nuisance to people who enjoying themselves.

is it so difficult to maintain decorum? Lets us what is do able—

  • Do not touch the exhibits.
  • Keep your voice down.
  • Do not photograph, if you have to do not use a flash. These exhibits are ancient and light sensitive.
  • One major nuisance are the people who pose in front of the exhibits blocking the view of other viewers.
  • The velvet ropes are to keep us back, lets not jump it.
  • While reading the Plaques, reading it softly without blocking others view.
  • Not snacking or smoking within the museum premises.

Museums in uncle Sam’s land apparently have started handing out museum decorum handouts before people enter the museum. Maybe we should do the same.

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