Put Em-Rights.

fault findersPut Em-Right was a book written by Enid Blyton, where a bunch of kids went around correcting people eventually discovering that their very behavior was judgemental and obnoxious.

Vatsala’s brother translated a classic text of an ancient language to English, he was very clear it was a rendering and not a translation. Yet, Vatsala took the trouble of reading the book, underlying each literary word to everyday mundane English. The book lost its beauty. It was not just taking the trouble of doing it, but it was telling everyone, “I underlined every high sounding word and wrote a simpler words, so that everyone could understand it , Brother didn’t even bother to say thank you” well, she was triumphant like the little jack Horner who put in a thumb and pulled out a plum!

Ajanta is on the mailing list of couple of her friends and relatives food blogs. She is also on the social network to keep an “eye” on her kids, she thinks, all this is a waste of time. Yet she never fails to point out when the recipe is different from hers, and she will also tell you why her version is more authentic and right.

Professor Shastri, professor was Varija’s philosophy teacher, when Varija started her own blog on life experiences she sent would mail it to Prof.Shastri, actually she had a mailer and the mail went through she had even forgotten that he was on the mailing list, until he sent her a mail on something he thought she had not written right. He had posted a lengthy  correction on her comment box, of course since it was about life experiences Varija didn’t bother too much.

My mother will probably say oh! The person is concerned that a third person should not ridicule you.

But have you  noticed how some people constantly seem to pointing errors, in others, thoughts, speech, action and vocabulary. They would judge and decree a judgement and gloat about their efficiency in doing so. It is as if the know-all has been satiated.

We’ve all smiled when Aamir Khan got better of his teacher in three idiots, but to using knowledge to embarrass, or humiliate others is bad.  These know-alls who are usually language bullies never seem to get this, or they just don’t care. They’re out there lurking, lying in wait, ready to pounce… they know the improvisation you did at the last evening. Or that you are writing this article without referring to Emily Post’s etiquette and manners

These bullies are never visible on social networks, unless they are pulling someone up. They will not even sign into one, until they are sure of sufficient audience to police.Prof. Robert Kurzba, a psychology professor at the university of Pennsylvania is of the opinion, when people correct others mistakes especially publicly, they are signal their expertise to others, because being able to identify mistakes indicates that you know more about something than the other person who committed the error.

Prof. Benoit Monin from the Stanford University says those who engage in public corrections are often looking to feel good about them.  This display of insight provides a ready-made opportunity to demonstrate all-knowingness One way we can feel good about ourselves is to give myself evidence that my skills are awesome. The other is to give myself evidence that the other people’s knowledge bank sucks. By putting other people down, I get to feel good about myself.

Sometimes I wonder if people who have something to prove either to themselves or others tends to knowledge bully. I mean, say I am threatened, I did not go to premium college, or grad school, I did not do a post graduation or a doctorate, that might make me punch someone who as, because that would elevate me a bit. On the hand I doubt a secure person would bother with knowledge bullying

In a question and answer session a person who is secure might pop a question for knowledge sharing. While a person who signal to do might put across a trick question.

Sometimes I wonder if there is some kind of joy a vengeful one, in upending someone, who is an established superior.

These knowledge bullies love company, particularly of other knowledge bullies, they try to get Alfa-and take charge of the flock.

I come across lot of these when I blog. There are people who point out errors on the comment space. Then there are people who never acknowledge your mail or blog, unless they could put-em right something.

3 Replies to “Put Em-Rights.”

  1. Agree to this.

    Its very easy to find fault in others, but way difficult to realize our own mistakes

    Nice read. Thought provoking

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